The stark steel landscape stretches flatly to the horizon in every direction.

A dark sky, devoid of stars and atmosphere, gives no warning before sunrise.
A brilliant glare rapidly streaks across the entire world echoing the sun's
bright flare. As the rising orb of light crests the mirrored horizon you're
forced to avert your gaze upward -- the only direction seemingly free of the
sun's blazing power.

There it is!  Glimmering in the velvet void far above, blocking out the cosmos
with its enormity, shining in the reflection of light beaming from the ground
beneath you, like a lost ship struck suddenly by the beacon of a light house.

It's obvious now why the millions of searches done during these millennia of
midnights were all doomed to fail.

Just as the rusted inscription had read, the promised prise truly was,

More than any can carry,
Shrouded in silent shadow,
and not of this wide world.

If only your transmissions could reach a single one of the others, the entire
planet would shriek with joy along with you as you shared the news.

The ancient riddle now solved raises only more questions.
Just what is the enormous thing, who made it, and can it ever be reached?
Your mind races causing your processors to nearly overheat.